Bowls by Brooks

Hello, and welcome to my website. I am James Brooks , woodturner. I have enjoyed woodworking as a hobby for over 30 years. The thing that appealed to me most about woodturning is the creativity a person can put into it. I turn on a VB36 capable of turning a bowl 36" in diameter. I also have a homemade bowl lathe , that I built. All of my bowls are made from a solid log.

I start by sawing the log (with my homemade sawmill powered by a 395 Husky and 36" bar) into sections that will be flat and then rounding the piece with a chainsaw or bandsaw before mounting  the wood to the lathe.

It is then rough turned while it is green to a thickness of about 10% of the bowl diameter. After months of drying it is remounted on the lathe and turned to its final thickness. The exception to this is the natural bark edge bowl that is allowed to take its natural form while drying.

My wife also does the carving / engraving on wood, glass,metal etc.Here is an example of a gunstock carving of deer and the pistol grip basket weave. Check out the gallery for more on bowls etc.

This is an assortment of logs to be sawn with roughed out bowls to the finished product